The Captive Sun: Reader Reviews

Superb book; quite unputdownable … a vivid, informative and impassioned portrayal of a slice of Greece’s tumultuous 20thC experiences, through the eyes of a strong willed, exceptional but caring woman…Paul

Not only does the character of Calliope captivate readers, so does the amazing ability of the writer to vividly represent this period! Congratulations to Ms. Karafilly!Dimitra

The history of Greece through the life of a compelling, inde¬pendent and idealistic woman, who contributed significantly to the struggle for women’s rights. Village superstitions, the Second World War, the Civil War, domestic violence and the end of the Junta are all explored in its pages. Excellent work!Vasiliki

I fell in love with this book! Very well written, and very powerful. The author tells us her amazing story with great sensitivity. Calliope is the sort of woman we all wish we could resemble. I have been to Mytilini several times, but even if I hadn’t, the writing is so vivid and descriptive I would have felt as though I had lived there. In short, this book is among the best I have read. A big bravo to Ms. Karafilly!Katie Doliou

Literally a masterpiece. The book takes you on a journey to challenging historic eras, and through its characters you truly experience the hardships and suffering of the Greek people.Dafni Seretidou

This book by Karafilly is very intense and the narrative holds your attention throughout. Truly wonderful.Ioanna Geragotou

Very good, and beautifully written. This was my first time reading a book by Karafilly, and I was truly impressed! Bravo!Aimilia Vouzali

The book transported me to an island I have not been to, but through her narrative I feel as though I know it well… Her characters are exceptional! Calliope in particular, with her untamed, impulsive, and irrepressible nature, won me over!Rea Kokkali

Amazing!Eleni X

I had this book on my shelf for a while, but only just got around to reading it, and to discovering the magic of Irena Karafilly’s writing. Don’t let the length discourage you – the narrative flows very smoothly. The numerous vivid historical details intertwined with Calliope’s story paint a realistic and intensely atmospheric portrait of Greece. Congratulations, a worthwhile read for almost everyone.Nasia

This book taught me a lot!Eva Karkantzinou

A high-quality book with very carefully researched history that transports you to another era. I would recommend it to everyone. Books written with such care are worth reading.Katerina Mihalaki

An interesting book with intense emotional experiences, depicting life in Greek villages.Chrysa Kosmatou

Irena Karafilly knows Molyvos, and describes it beautifully while telling the story of “Calliope”, in a place which still exists. I would suggest that after you read it, you experience it… walk the streets where Calliope, Lorenz, the doctor, and Rupert walked.Myrsini Triandafyllou

A fascinating, well-written book with memorable characters. The strong yet sensitive character of Calliope moved me immensely.Irini Tziougli

Congratulations! A wonderful book which might make every woman want to emulate Calliope. Through it I was transported to a time I had previously heard about only in stories.Matina Kabiseli